Why join CVA Technologies?

We solve the complex technological challenges faced by the most respected institutions around the World. Working with us, employees receive competitive salaries, flexible working hours, modern offices and the opportunity to grow and learn from the best developers.

Education-based innovation

We welcome candidates who, like us, believe that innovation is based on education. Our teams work together, improving their skills to create the next generation of hardware and software solutions. In accordance with this philosophy, CVATEC always supports and encourages employees to participate in events, attend trainings and receive professional certificates.

Do not work for us, work with us

As part of the CVATEC team, you will become part of a company that promotes self-improvement and is actively seeking innovative ideas.

Benefits of working with CVA Technologies

• Exciting projects
We create custom hardware and software to solve problems that never existed before for the most respected various institutions around the world.
• Flexible working hours
We allow employees to follow their convenient work schedule if they are in the office 40 hours a week.
• Modern offices
We offer a modern, well-equipped office in the best places in the city in which we live.
• Friendly work environment
Each begins somewhere, and each has its own strengths and weaknesses; with us, your strengths will become your asset, and your weaknesses will become an opportunity to grow and learn from others.
• Competitive salary
We believe that the best, working hard, deserve proper compensation. It’s so simple for us.
• Career advancement
Our company provides an effective career planning system that allows you to both develop professionally and improve personal and managerial qualities.