About Company

CVA Technologies

CVA Technologies team specialists have been developing innovative intelligent solutions for various fields of activity for many years, embodying bold ideas in high-tech hardware and software products.
We take the client’s business to a new level - we help to conduct activities based on World level technologies and IT tools.

We will also support you at any stage of the project: we will complete individual tasks or develop a full-fledged turnkey product - from the preparation of technical specifications and ending with the shipment of the finished batch to the warehouse at the right point on the Earth and beyond its available limits.

We take care of all technical issues so that our Clients do not spend valuable time on operational tasks, but do what is really important for them - strategic planning and business development.

The CVATEC command is not limited to the task. We develop partnerships with customers, share our connections and opportunities. The project team is interested in the commercial success of the new product in order to continue cooperation after the start of your sales or your technological triumph!

Who we are?

The professional path of CVATEC specialists is almost two decades of development and victories in the development and production of electronic systems and software. The team puts in the first place the most important qualities - the ability to see the product “through the eyes of our Client”, as well as deep knowledge and understanding of the industry of development and production of high-tech systems.

What are we doing?

We specialize in the development of high-tech hardware and software and help companies gain technological advantages in various fields and industries. We strive to provide an individual approach to each Client, paying particular attention to technical excellence and providing the best-in-class products.

Each product, designed by a team of our developers, is carefully verified by simulation tools. This allows you to minimize labor costs during debugging, reduce the time of development itself and provide the customer with a high-quality result in the shortest possible time.

Best international practice shows that the use of modeling at the stage of device development significantly reduces costs at each subsequent stage of the product life cycle, allowing you to detect possible problems and solve them at the design stage. Ensure the reliability and performance of the product and the system as a whole, while reducing the number of necessary iterations of production to obtain a sample with the required technical characteristics. Increase the likelihood of passing field tests the first time.

Our mission

Provide modern high-tech hardware and software solutions for any field of activity. First of all, to appreciate absolute honesty in all respects, to maintain a commitment to motivation and diverse development of employees, as well as to encourage tireless dedication to the development of technology.

Our engineers and developers

The CVATEC development team consists of the best highly qualified engineers and scientists with extensive experience working on large and significant projects for the development of high-tech equipment and software.

To achieve competitive performance, our project teams adhere to classical software development methodologies and use elements of agile software development such as Scrum, Kanban, eXtreme Programming, Continuous Integration and Test-Driven Development.

Many of our employees were participants and winners of global programming competitions such as Topcoder and GoogleJam, Microsoft Azure VR Hackathon, and the International Conference on Tools and Methods for Program Analysis. They speak at numerous Java conferences and have Scrum Masters certificates.

Key business areas

  • Development of high technology
  • Electronics Development
  • Software Development
  • Production of any series
  • Certification and licensing, patenting
  • Why choose CVATEC to design your electronic product?

We are here to help non-electronic companies turn their ideas into innovative products.

We offer assistance in reviewing and expanding the specifications of your product or in developing specifications where they are not.

We offer extremely competitive product development because new designs are a catalyst for future production. We will manage the design of your product from prototype to production.

Design for Manufacturing (DFM) has been reviewed from the very beginning of the development process.

Continuous production feedback is used to improve product design as production grows.

CVA Technologies will keep your product specifications and documents secret and accept a non-disclosure agreement.

Vladimir Chuyanov
Vladimir ChuyanovCEO, Chief Designer
Alex Visotski
Alex VisotskiCEO, TechLead