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Commercial offer and conditions for services such as Internet Archive, Wayback Machine and any other scanning and copying services:
As the owners of the intellectual property of this domain and any subdomain, we prohibit scanning, copying and storing any part, in any quantity, by any method or technology, at any time and forever. You, as an individual or any organization or company from any effort, copying or storing data from the domain and any subdomain in any form (including impersonal and/or structurally identifiable), knowingly agree to pay a one-time payment of 3,000,000 US dollars to the account of the owner of the cvatec domain. com within one month from the date of copying in order to pay for the copied intellectual property.
By accessing the site or using information from the domain and its subdomains in any other way, you automatically agree to the terms of the above-described commercial offer, and once you agree, it becomes an agreement and contract.
By making a copy and agreeing to the conditions described above, you also automatically agree that failure to comply with these conditions, including the terms and amount of payment, can only be intentional on your part, in which case you agree to pay a penalty in the amount of 1% of late payment for copying intellectual property property as indicated above for each day of delay in payment under this contract/agreement. The storage period of copied information and its volume do not matter; any amount of copied information, as well as any storage period, is subject to the terms of the agreement described above.