Scientific R&D

CVA Technologies is a dynamic and innovative research and development company. We offer comprehensive solutions for integrated multidisciplinary projects in the field of hardware (analog and digital), embedded systems, software and engineering. Our Team uses the latest technologies to provide innovative and productive solutions for Our Customers.
CVA Technologies projects are designed for a variety of industries, including the automotive industry, medicine, industrial automation, security and defense.
CVA Technologies has experience in managing the full development cycle, from concept to design and prototype, to the delivery of the final product and serial production.
CVA Technologies operates as an outsourced R&D Team that provides cost-effective and time-efficient solutions for development projects.
CVA Technologies provides the full cycle of electronics development and production for startups and is the most effective way for any Company to develop any system in the shortest possible time to enter the market.

Global R&D Benefits:

  • Implement a turnkey product;
  • Short development cycle;
  • Elimination of technological risks;
  • Very experienced professional work.

We have extensive experience in developing electronic systems from concept to production, including:

  • Industrial Design;
  • Mechanical design;
  • Electronics, digital and analog design;
  • Software development for any platform.

CVA Technologies has extensive experience in the following areas:

  • Image processing;
  • CCD cameras and grabbers;
  • Video capture, processing and playback;
  • Display systems;
  • Digital communication over copper wires, optical fiber, remote IR or radio frequency connection according to all standards (USB BT PCI UART CAN LVDS ISA RS232 RS481 RS 422 ... and any special bus);
  • Management and automation;
  • Motion control, drivers of stepper motors, DC and AC motors, encoders;
  • Implementation of the algorithm in hardware software and firmware.

In all these areas, CVA Technologies provides a complete Solution, including IN SILICON, SoC (on-chip system), Embedded (all and any microcontrollers, STM, NXP, Infinion, Arm Cortex, DSP), FPGA, Custom ASIC, including the implementation of all involved algorithms . We have experience in developing digital equipment from concept to prototyping.

Global Research & Development Experiencen:

  • Visible, BIC, SWIR, Thermal;
  • Acquisition;
  • HW processing on the fly.


  • full-time positioning (encoders);
  • intelligent motion control systems (MCU);
  • drive motors (DC, AC, Brushless, stepper, piezo);
  • electric drives (piezo, magnetic).

Electronic systems:

  • ultra-fast digital signal processing;
  • large and fast memory cards;
  • interfaces (PCI, ISA, IDE, SCSI, Parallel, Serial);
  • ultra-low power systems.