Pressure sensor

Pressure sensor
Flow PS pressure difference sensors are designed to measure the pressure difference and transmit information to the automatic process control system (APCS) via unified output signals or wireless channels.

Application area:

Differential pressure sensors are used to control, regulate and control technological processes, including the system of commercial metering of energy resources, as well as for data transmission via wireless interfaces.


  • Built-in telemetry unit;
  • Archiving, recording and storage of information on pressure and temperature;
  • Autonomy in nutrition;
  • High pressure design, up to 40MPa;
  • Battery life of at least six years;
  • Visual control of the current value of the measured pressure by the LCD indicator;
  • Multifunctional indicator (digital value of the parameter, unit of measurement, temperature, response levels of the settings, tuning parameters);
  • Operational installation of "zero";
  • System selection and setting of units of measure (Pa, kPa, MPa, kgf / cm2, kgf / m2, mA);
  • Setting the averaging time of the output signal (damping);
  • Adjustment to the "shifted" measurement limit;
  • Correction of measurement errors using the built-in microprocessor and temperature sensor.

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