Household gas meter

Household gas meter
Gas meter records gas consumption (natural and liquefied gas vapors) in apartments and cottages.

Features of gas meter:

  • Nonvolatile memory;
  • Small size and weight of the counter; *
  • Increased resistance to work in a polluted environment;
  • Increased stability at low pressure in the pipeline;
  • The compactness of the device is due to the use of the jet method, allows you to make the device with small dimensions;
  • The absence of moving mechanical parts and high reliability in view of this, is also due to the chosen jet method of accounting for the volume of gas consumption;
  • Easy installation (does not require gas welding) will quickly and economically replace the old meter;
  • The meter can be installed in any position convenient for the customer, vertical or horizontal;
  • Long-term warranty for 12 years.

Full Stack development and electronic gas meter commissioning for hi-scale enterprise has been implemented.