ERP systems ProdTree

ERP systems ProdTree

Manage your product in organized, tree-structured way!

  • Do you keep information about your product in a variety of different packages (Word, Excel, CADs etc.)?
  • Are you having difficulties visualizing and documenting your product structure (i.e. what goes where)?
  • You need your branch or subcontractor to manufacture certain part of your product and you struggle to gather all and just the necessary data for them (local parts list; manufacturing files; assembly; costing; suppliers info)?
  • You want to keep record of what customized version of your product is sold to each customer (exact hardware and/or software content)?

Main features:

  • Product information management
  • Product data is organized in very convenient tree-structured form
  • Several handy reports
  • Suppliers information
  • Customers information
  • Unlimited product complexity (tree depth)
  • Stock management
  • Ability to detach for distribution or load the complete product tree branch with all the accompanying information
  • Quotation and delivery time calculation for the complete product or it's branch
  • Ability to attach images, files of any types
  • Search functions
  • All data (local or for distribution) is kept in one file.

Program so versatile it can be used anywhere from the food industry to an airspace production.

ProdTree is an ideal tool for any manufacturer, developer or anybody facing simple to very complex structured products!

With ProdTree you can:

  • Keep ALL your production and development data neatly organised in one place (virtually one file).
  • Visualise your product structure i.e. what goes where.
  • Keep list of your suppliers with description of all items purchased from them, prices, quote dates, delivery times etc.
  • Keep list of your customers with description of all your products delivered to them, prices, quote validity dates, delivery dates etc.
  • Perform a one-click assembly price calculation.
  • Attach any number of any kind of files for any item.
  • Attach an image to an item.
  • Save any branch of the product tree structure accompanying it with necessary production information. This makes preparing production data for your sub-contractor a one-click operation.
  • Load any branch of above product tree structure.
  • Do a stock management.
  • Generate reports on items, structure, customers, suppliers, stock etc.